Welcome, Parents!

Sending a child to college is a monumental occasion in a parent’s life but one that can also bring about stress and worry. College presents a myriad of opportunities for your son to become involved in campus organizations, clubs and other outside the classroom experiences. One such opportunity is joining Delta Sigma Phi.
Delta Sigma Phi is dedicated to Building Better Men. For over 120 years, our members strive to be the Better Man, one who is cultured, encourages harmony and builds lifelong friendships. Becoming a member enhances each brother's collegiate experience through intellectual, social and moral growth. The Fraternity promotes high standards of moral conduct and responsible citizenship as outlined in the Men of Principle initiative. To that end, Delta Sigma Phi will provide your son with numerous academic and merit based scholarships, exceptional leadership development opportunities and a network of dedicated volunteers and a national staff committed to ensuring your son’s collegiate journey sets the foundation for a successful and fulfilling life after college.
Membership in Delta Sigma Phi is meant to complement, not detract from academic performance. For more than a decade, we have been fulfilling our mission of Building Better Men.
In Delta Sig, your son will have the opportunity to:
  • Better his community and build lasting experiences through his chapter’s philanthropic projects.
  • Develop leadership and professionals skills that can be used throughout his life by taking on leadership roles within the chapter.
  • Learn from the best and brightest speakers by attending national Fraternity programs that focus on leadership development, values reflection and professional development.
  • Learn how to create a safe environment himself and others, standing up to the pressures facing college students.
  • Create a network of friends and brothers who can support him for a lifetime.
Delta Sigma Phi was founded on the basis of inclusion. In 1899, at a time when religious segregation was common, Delta Sigma Phi was created to open fraternity membership to both Christian and Jewish faiths. This same spirit of openness exists today. Delta Sigma Phi does not discriminate based on age, race, religion, sexual orientation, sexual identity or national origin.
We want you to know that Delta Sigma Phi is committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment for all members and guests. If your son expresses hazing or other concerns to you, please let us know. You can contact our Headquarters staff or call 1.888.NOT.HAZE. For more information, please review our Expectations of Membership.
We are excited your son has made the decision to join our Fraternity. His membership experience will have a profound impact on his life—as an undergraduate and beyond.